• Cordova Elementary School: Developing Global Leaders and Learners


    The mission of Cordova Elementary School is to provide a safe and challenging environment that is committed to helping all of our students successfully achieve their maximum potetial. Students will communicate with excellent reading and writing skills, apply mathematics in realistic situations, and explore scientific concepts. Our parents, teachers, and community members work together to set demanding academic standards and encourage creative artistic expression in every student.


    At Cordova Elementary Optional School, we are dedicated to exceptional teaching and learning where:


    • Are focused on learning;
    • Feel a sense of community where me turns to we, and students use positive peer interaction to encourage academic achievement;
    • Are global, independent and accountable learners, responsible for their own growth and achievement; and
    • Are actively engaged in scholarly activities, independent study and community involvement.


    • Work collaboratively to share and implement a variety of effective instructional strategies;
    • Utilize innovative technology to enhance learning;
    • Foster a cultivating environment in each classroom; and
    • Analyze student performance data frequently to meet the individual needs of each child.

    The School:

    • Requires the highest form of professional talk among students, teachers, and parents;
    • Promotes and works toward the commonly-held vision of teaching and learning;
    • Creates schedules that maximize time for instruction and collaboration; and
    • Leads improvement through hands-on visibility and classroom engagement.

    Parents and Community:

    • Are so involved in the school that they can describe student goals and needs;
    • Are actively involved in a variety of committees and services; and
    • Have regular meetings with school leadership and teachers to learn about how to support teaching and learning.