• Welcome to Family Focus with Mr. Edwards!
    With so many people in our community now working from home, working remotely, and doing online school work, here is a list of some resources you may need.

Virtual Learning Tips & IEPs During the Pandemic

  • We are pleased to announce a fun and educational event for the entire family.  On November 21st from 11am until 12:30 pm, the Holy Temple Cathedral of Deliverance Youth Department is hosting a workshop for parents and activity for children ages 5 and up. (Click here for the event flyer)
    The parents will attend the Parent Academy Workshop Series where this month's topic will be Virtual Learning Tips and IEPs during the Pandemic.  The workshop will be led by Dr. Penny Mickey, distance learning expert and Dr. Natasha Smith, Clinical Psychologist with the Baltimore County School District in Maryland.  
    While the parents are participating in the workshop, our children will be engaged by Mr. Kenneth Mickey, former K-12 teacher, and co-owner of Mickey's Popcorn.  He will be discussing entrepreneurship and the mathematics of making gourmet caramel popcorn.
    This event is free for the entire family and lunch will be served.

Agape Child & Family Services

  • Agape serves families in the following areas: Hickory Hill, Whitehaven, Frayser and Raleigh Contact: (901) 323-3600 | http://agapemeanslove.org/ Agape provides assistance with food, clothing, emergency housing, rent, utilities, job assistance/training, homeless services, medical/healthcare, mental health/substance abuse, and support services for moms, dads, and children. Please contact the following to confirm eligibility and request assistance: 3160 Directors Row Memphis, TN 38131, (901) 323-3600

Emotional Care

  • The Salvation Army is offering a hotline for anyone needing emotional or spiritual care. It’s staffed from 9 AM to 9 PM and is available for anyone across the country.
    The Salvation Army officers and employees will be available to talk to anyone needing help, advice or prayer. The number is 844-458-4673.

Free/Reduced Internet Access

Who’s Hiring?

Department of Human Services - DHS

  • DHS is the beginning point for all of the following services.  In order to receive assistance, the main number must be contacted first.  DHS can link a Participant Mom with the following resources:
    1) Food Stamp Program (SNAP)
    2) Families First: Families First provides assistance to families and their children who are experiencing financial difficulties with an emphasis in work, training, and personal responsibility.
    3) Child Care Certificate Program: Child care assistance program for children of low income participating in the Families First Program offers child care providers and rates. Child care resources for parents. Location: 2003 Corporate Ave. Memphis, TN 38132 7:00 am – 4:30 pm 
    4) The Family Assistance Service Center – (866) 311-4287 Call (615) 743-2000 for grievances or www.tn.gov/humanservices

Child Care

  • The Tennessee Department of Human Services has a special section of their website dedicated to child care issues. You can apply for COVID-19 essential employee child care payment assistance, view a directory of active childcare providers, locate YMCA and Boys & Girls Club temporary/ emergency care locations and moreClick here to be taken to the Tennessee Department of Human Services site.

Coronavirus Testing Locations

  • Feeling feverish or like it’s hard to catch your breath? Did a coworker test positive for COVID-19 and now you’re worried you might have it, too?
    New COVID-19 testing sites seem to be opening weekly across the Mid-South. Below is the closet site to the Whitehaven community as well as the criteria for testing at the location.Case Management Inc. 3171 Directors Row Memphis, TN 38131By appointment only, call (901) 821-5880 -OR- email COVID-19TestCMI@cmiofmemphis.org