Our mission at Westhaven  Elementary is to ensure that all students are actively engaged in goal-oriented educational experiences daily. At the close of each academic school year, all students should be able to celebrate improvement in their own personal, academic, and social growth.




    The vision of Westhaven Elementary School is to become a progressive educational institute fostering high levels of achievement for all students.




    We believe...

    + that student learning is the priority for our school.
    +that students learn best when they actively participate in the learning process.
    +that a variety of instructional opportunities should be provided because children learn in different ways and at different paces.
    +that students become self-directed, lifelong learners as a result of experience at school.
    +that ongoing assessments and communication of progress are necessary for the academic growth of all students.
    +that students' learning should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.
    +that the responsibility for advancing the school's mission and strengthening the school culture should be shared by students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
    +that all people who have an interest in the school work together as a community of learners.
    +that mutual respect between students, teachers, administrators, and parents help to develop positive relationships for all.