Uniform Information

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    Uniform Guidelines

    • Tan, blue, or black pants, skirt, or jumper
    • Solid red, white, or navy blue long sleeve or short sleeve shirt with a collar (polo style, dress style, or turtleneck style)
    • Pants must be straight leg or bootcut. Full-length pants, cargo pants, and capris are permitted
    • Leggings, athletic pants, and jeans are not permitted
    • Walking shorts are permitted, but must be straight-legged and come to the knee
    • Pants must fit at the waist and not be oversized
    • Athletic and running shorts are not permitted
    • Belts must be fitted and put through belt loops
    • Skirts or jumpers must be at or below the knee
    • Shirts must be tucked on the inside unless they are made to be worn over pants or skirts
    • No manufacturer logos should be visible on clothing
    • Shoe heels should be no higher than 1 1/2 inches
    • Athletic shoes, sandals with straps on the heel, and boots are permitted
    • Flipflops and shoes without straps are not permitted
    • Outerwear is not covered by these regulations, and so should not be worn inside
    • Light jackets, vests, shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and sweatshirts may be worn over the uniform top, but must be white, red, navy blue, black, or tan
    • Students may wear Cordova spirit shirts on Fridays
    • Students with perfect attendance Monday-Thursday are permitted to wear jeans on Fridays
    • All students are required to wear their uniform each day