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    Treadwell Middle School

    CLUE Program

    for Gifted and Academically Talented Students

    CLUE (Creative Learning in a Unique Environment) is the gifted and talented program in Shelby County Schools

    CLUE Teacher:  Franchesca Tyler Williams, Ed. S

    Treadwell Middle CLUE students develop their skills as close readers of complex texts as they carefully read through a series of novel studies, examining poetry, drama, and nonfiction texts as well. CLUE offers an advanced reading program to teach students how to read to learn.  CLUE students have many opportunities to present arguments, projects, and their own original writing to a room full of their peers. CLUE students will learn how to conduct themselves as active speakers and active listeners. Students improve their writing skills, and they write for a variety of purposes and audiences throughout the year.


    The purpose of CLUE is to:

    • Enrich the curiosity and build the talents of each student who is achieving at an advanced level
    • Advance their intellect through rigorous discussion, academic pursuits, character building, and small-group instruction with their intellectual peers
    • Develop the creativity and critical thinking that will promote the love of life-long learning
    • Provide a safe atmosphere for intellectual risk-taking and productive struggle
    • Build lasting relationships with intellectual peers and promote a sense of community and acceptance for those who are different in any way
    • Establish the gifted teacher as a mentor and guide who creates a learning environment that is student-centered
    • Provide real-world experiences through the use of the CLUE strategies which enable the students to become productive citizens
    • Challenge and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities that will have a positive effect on the world