School Counselor Corner Wolf

    Macon Hall has 3 school counselors at school daily to aid students social and emotional needs. As counselors, we do classroom guidance lessons, in addition to offering specific, individaulized services. Individual and small group activities are offered as part of the Counseling services at Macon-Hall Elementary School. These sessions are intended to help students express and understand their feelings, discover problem-solving strategies, and identify support systems to help.

    Macon Hall also is lucky to have support from our Mental Health Social Worker, Mrs. Potts. Mrs. Potts works with students, provided parent permission, to address their needs. Mrs. Potts works with students individually, or insmall group activity that will teach skills for success such as getting along with others and controlling emotions. The goal is to help your child learn how to recover more quickly from setbacks. 

    All services provided are done with permission from parents, so if you are interested in counseling serivces - please reach out to us!


    Casey Fernandez

    Professional School Counselor, Grades K and 4



    Beth James

    Professional School Counselor, Grades 1 and 3



    Melanie Harrison

    Professional School Counselor, Grades 2 and 5


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