• LaRose Elementary is committed to providing each student with optimal learning opportunities so that they can reach their full academic and social potential. Toward this end we commit available resources to ensure that:

    • The staff works and shares as a collaborative team.
    • Each student experiences success, feels cared for and positive about their learning involvement at LaRose Elementary School.
    • Teachers are motivated, enthusiastic, and experience continued professional growth.
    • We provide an environment which is orderly, safe, inviting and stimulating.
    • Our parental community feels welcomed and valued as full participants in their child's education.
    • The leadership is supportive, encouraging, and fosters positive changes.


  • The vision of LaRose Elementary is to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through the development of appropriate differentiated instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. All learners are encouraged to be self-sufficient, responsible, cooperative and caring members of our community.

LaRose School Purpose Statement

  • LaRose Elementary is a safe place where all students become college and career ready by reading at or above grade level. We encourage our students to communicate effectively, think critically and compute accurately. We will build upon the collective strengths of our ILT team to leverage and improve teacher & student performance as “We are 901.” Our lions will roar on purpose with passion and "Reimagine 901!"

Student Vision of Success

  • Student Vision

Student Affirmation

  • Student Affirmation