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Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment

  • Advanced Placement Online Review Sessions

    AP Online Review Sessions


    **Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment students who are in need of computer access please text your name and course to 615-784-5810. 

Course Recovery/Grade Results

  • Access the course:

    *Go to

    *Log in as student using your six-digit school ID and your birthday as the password. Example: 08231970


    If your course does not appear:


    *Text your name and course that should in your account to 615-784-5810.


    If you have not taken the pretest:

    *Access the course as instructed above

    *Click on your course. 

    *Click on Start and following the prompts to access the pretest.

    *The pretest is password protected. Once you are ready to begin the pretest, text your name and course to 615-784-5810 to receive the password. 

    *Please do your best. A score of 70% or higher will complete the course. Scores below 70% will open specific modules that must be completed in order to receive credit.


    If you have taken the pretest and experience issues:

    *Text your name and course to 615-784-5810.


    If you have finished either by scoring a 70 or above on the pretest or completed the assigned modules:

    *Text your name and course to 615-784-5810 to confirm your grade and credit have been added to PowerSchool

Academic Supports




  • TN Promise Update March 26