Our Mission & Values


      The mission of E.E. Jeter K-8 School is to promote the academic, 

      physical, emotional and social development of each child in order to prepare him or her to become a responsible citizen.

      The E. E. Jeter staff believes that:

      All students are unique individuals who are capable of learning. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs which are met through integrated teaching strategies. Educators, parents, students, and community members share the responsibility of developing policies to support the school’s mission.

      Mutual respect, cooperation, decision-making, and acceptance of responsibility among educators, parents, and students will create a nurturing, safe, clean environment that enhances learning. 

      If students remain actively involved in innovative, challenging, and success-oriented learning experiences, all will have an opportunity to reach their maximum potential and make appropriate decisions given a supportive and challenging environment. 

      Students learn to make appropriate decisions given a supportive and challenging environment promoted by parents, educators, and the community. 

      Cultural diversity provides an opportunity to increase students' understanding and awareness of ethnical differences. 

      Technology skills play an integral part in lifelong learning experiences. Finally, it is our belief that educators will continually assess instructional practices to ensure that they reflect the changes of society and prepare students for their futures.