Achieve 3000
    Free access to Actively Learn, Literacy at Home and printable packets for students

    Videos with quizzes and other activities for a wide variety of topics

    E- Learning for Kids
    Educational games for students
    Digital media library of educational videos and discussions

    Scholastic Learning
    Literacy activities for students

    Tween Tribune- Smithsonian
    Engaging articles and texts for students to read and respond to questions

    Write & Improve
    This is a free tool that provides feedback on writing.


    Videos with quizzes and other activities for a wide variety of topics

    Exploratorium Science Snacks
    Hands-on science activities based on phenomena

    PhET Interactive Simulations
    Free science and math simulations for students

    Science News for Students
    News from all fields of science for students from middle and high school, with resources for parents and educators

    Provides videos with quizzes and slideshow presentations to reinforce Science concepts
    Exploratorium provides authentic Science activities, including assembly instructions, how to use each activity and scientific/historical information. Each activity begins with a photo and/or video, a short introduction and a list of materials.


    Cairn Guidance Non-Traditional Health Education Prompts

    Darebee Workout
    You’ve seen the workouts! This offers 33 full videos of entire workouts that can be easily followed.

    Go Noodle
    Blazer Fresh and Fresh Start Fitness

    Move to Learn

    This website provides activities and games to reinforce vocabular and reading/listening in all languages offered in SCS.
    Provides practice on grammar and information about the culture


    Art of Education University
    Visual art lessons and activities with instructional resources

    Crayola: At Home Learning
    Instructional resources for parents and students around visual art and arts integration

    National Gallery of Art and NGAkids Interactives
    Entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history with a variety of art-making tools and computer-based activities that encourage exploration and creativity

    Kennedy Center Digital Stage
    Online performances in music, dance and drama to view and critique
    This is a virtual hub of suggested digital resources, created to empower student-led creativity with online resources, analog prompts and collective impact leveraging the Memphis Music Community. It is a work in progress in collaboration with the CMA Foundation, NARAS, Memphis Music Initiative and Higher Ed Partners.
    This free platform provides tools for creating music through MIDI (an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

    PBS Crash Course
    Theater and Drama - an online course in history, theory and technology
    Web-based keyboard instrument for making music and reference for music-making and student creativity.


    Videos with quizzes and other activities for a wide variety of topics

    Great Minds
    Free access to Knowledge on the Go (Eureka Math video lessons)

    Illustrative Mathematics
    Provides free Math tasks for students

    Khan Academy
    Free lessons, activities and remediation for Eureka Math

    Online instructional tool with video lessons
    Free video lessons
    Open middle contains problems that assess procedural and conceptual understanding. They support the Common Core State Standards and provide students with opportunities for discussing their thinking.


    Active Classroom
    Online access to Nystorm Atlas with texts with daily lesson

    Videos on many Social Studies topics with lesson activities, online games, quizzes and extension activities for each topic
    Digital media library of educational videos, lessons and discussions, including quizzes, extensions and curriculum maps

    Khan Academy: Grade 6-7 | Grade 8
    Lessons with videos, practice questions and assessments on historical topics guidance

    McGraw Hill-Online Textbook
    Students and parents can read textbook chapters, study maps and discuss main ideas
    *access with student clever account


    i-Ready provides grade level standards-based literacy and Math lessons that can be assigned by the teacher. Once students have taken the placement exam, students will be automatically provided lessons based on their individualized instructional needs.
    *access with student clever account


    Print and audiobook reviews, features, interviews, spotlights and classroom connections. Booklist and Book Links replica digital editions, which can be read on desktop or mobile devices.

    Britannica Online
    The website of Encyclopedia Britannica, with more than 120,000 articles that are updated regularly. It has daily features, updates and links to news reports from The New York Times and the BBC. (Username – shelby / Password – county)

    Britannica ImageQuest
    Millions of royalty free images on one site and from 60 of the world's most respected image libraries.

    Junior Library Guild Digital
    Unlimited access to eBooks and audiobooks

    Memphis/Shelby County Public Library
    Provides access to online books, magazines, databases and newspaper articles. Library card registration is available online.

    TEL (Tennessee Electronic Library)
    Online library that gives Tennessee residents access to magazines, journals, newspapers, essays, e-books, primary source materials, test preparation, homework help, genealogy records, career search, and more!

    World Almanac for Kids
    Provides a wealth of elementary-level content, including engaging illustrated articles, videos, interactives, Fun Facts and more for helping young children develop online research skills. (Username: shelbycty-elem / Password: digital)

    Follet Books
    Free access to eBooks from Lightbox and AV2 World Languages. Lightbox offers over 1,000 PreK-12 titles in Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and more. AV2 World Languages features high-interest titles in 10 different languages with full audio support.

    Offers thousands of resources like databases, eBooks, primary source content, eLearning solutions, and more.

    Junior Library Guild Digital
    Unlimited access to eBooks and audiobooks