• Mission:

    Avon Lenox School is dedicated to assisting students achieve their maximum potential for effective independent living and functioning in a diverse society.



    Avon Lenox School will strive to ensure that students with disabilities have the educational opportunities needed to develop the skills necessary for successful transition into post-graduation placements.

    School Beliefs:

    • All students, regardless of the degree or type of disability, have individual needs.
    • Skills, which are attainable for each student in the area of learning, should be identified and nurtured.
    • Activities in the school should be success oriented so that each student may have a positive self-image.
    • The curriculum should consist of functional, age-appropriate skills and activities that have transitional value for adult life.
    • Age-appropriate and functional assessments provide valuable data and will be used to determine student performance and grouwth. 
    • The process of education involves the establishment of valid ties between the student's home and the school.
    • Opportunities must be sought to expand our knowledge and improve our professional development in order to ensure an appropriate education for all students.
    • Non-aversive behavior management techniquies should be used except in crisis situations where the students could harm themselves, other students, or school staff.
    • The environment should be safe, challenging, and satisfying.