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    “Not just an Alternative, but a second Opportunity!”

    Parents/Guardians/Students of Gordon Achievement Academy; please know that we are not the typical alternative school and we provide the best options for students who deserve a second chance at pursuing/continuing their educational career.  This work is completed throughout the Four Pillars of the Alternative Schools Department: Academics, Behavior Modification, Parental Involvement, and Service Learning.  In addition, we have prided our school as a Quadruple A+ Plus school: Academics, Achievement, Attendance, Attitude, plus Alternatives.

    It is with great pride and honor that I am humbled to serve as your Principal for Gordon K8 Achievement Academy, located in the historic Smokey City and Klondike neighborhood of North Memphis. This is a very special and personal assignment in my role as principal for Gordon AA; due to the fact that this is a school designed to provide the same educational opportunities as traditional school settings.  Due to the fact that we are also charged with our students being TN Ready and meeting the SCS District goals of 80% being college ready, 90% being able to graduate on time, and 100% being able to enroll in a post-secondary opportunity, we take our profession of educating students very seriously.  

    I will continue to strive for perfectionism and I will not accept failure as an option for our students/community. We will remain committed to supporting our students, our parents, and our community in whatever capacity needed. We will guarantee to ensure that even through this process taking place; we will maintain our standard of excellence of making it happen for our students academically and socially. You have entrusted us with your precious jewel and with that, we ensure we will continue to protect and serve them just as always throughout our formed relationships.

    More intense demands will be made as we seek on a personal quest to ensure that we achieve the new state standards this year. Achievement is our number one goal and I want to reassure you that the Faculty/Staff of GK8 is totally committed to ensuring that we MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER your children, our students; so that they can be competent students in any educational setting. We are committed to educating our students, Academically, Behaviorally, and Socially.

    Students, we want you to know that you have a major responsibility in ensuring that we achieve academic/behavioral success. Failure will not be an option this school year. All of our students will embrace our acronym for our school mascot (a Rocket) in believing that they are:  

                            Real.Optimistic.Confident.Kind.Every ready.Tough.Self-Reflective

    We need you to believe in your abilities, talents, and skills to ensure that you are a productive citizen throughout your life. We will re-empower our students to be leaders in every potential situation and it is up to you to participate in breakthrough leadership to encounter break through results. We (the Administration, Teachers, Staff Members, Custodial Members, and Cafeteria Members) are committed to you to ensure that you will have “an extreme” academic, social, and student-centered experience this school year.

    Educationally yours,


    Dr. Leviticus S. Pointer, Principal

    “I’m just an ordinary person, committed to doing extraordinary things!”