Douglass High School offers students a unique academic experience in a state of the art learning facility. Our Optional Program focus, Communication Arts and Chess, develops learners’ intellectual, creative, and communication skills in the areas of public speaking, graphic design, audiovisual productions, digital arts, and business communications. Simultaneously, learners are challenged to think critically, analyze, plan, and execute complex strategies that promote 21st century learning and lead to post-secondary success. The Douglass High School staff embraces diversity and stands committed to maintaining a culture where students' varying interests and abilities are valued. The school's goals for success will be realized by expanding students' learning capacities through numerous social, cultural, and educational experiences and real world projects.



    • Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System Level 5 Growth Measure
    • Award Winning Athletics
    • Nationally recognized ROTC Battalion and Chess Team
    • Grade Level Peak Experiences that include a variety of Field Trips to help fuel student growth and achievement.


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