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Microsoft Ambassador Question & Answer Section (Q & A)

  • As a new student, my old class notebooks are still present. How do I get my new school notebooks?

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    To retrieve your current school notebooks, you want log into Class Notebook from the online version.

    1. Go to

    2. From there, you will look for the "apps" and find "One Note Class Notebooks".

    3. Once inside the new notebooks, you will see your current notebooks from your old school, and now you can look for other notebooks or "My Notebooks" and your newer notebooks will appear.


    4. This is trigger the notebooks to populate into the original location as well after a few minutes of syncing. So for now, use the notebooks in the online version until they appear in the OneNote for Windows 10 app.



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  • What can I do to turn in my work from home if my laptop is not working?

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    You may use any other electronic device (smartphone, tablet, iPad, etc.) to send your work to the teacher.

    First you need to install the following:

    1. Microsoft Office App* (Contains Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Lens, & Notes)

    See the source image

    2. One Drive App

    See the source image

    3. Microsoft One Note App

    Image result for Microsoft Office OneNote

    4. Outlook Email App

     See the source image



    1. Go to Microsoft App on Android

    2. Hit Plus (+) sign, press "Lens"; choose "document" or "picture" setting type.

    3. Take a picture of written assignment/document.

    4. Share document from the Microsoft App Media to (Microsoft TEAMS, Microsoft OneNote, One Drive or Microsoft Outlook (email)).


    If sending to TEAMS:

    1. Click "Channels".

    2. Type class name or period.

    3. Choose where to put work (Posts, Files, or More)...If you choose "More" then you'll find Class Notebook, Assignments, or Meeting Notes)

    4. Choose proper location depending on teacher's preference.


    If sending to One Note:

    1. Click "Channels".

    2. Type class name or period.

    3. Choose where to put work (Posts, Files, or More)...If you choose "More" then you'll find Class Notebook, Assignments, or Meeting Notes)

    4. Choose "Class Notebook"

    5. Choose the "Notebook and Section" requested by your teacher.

    6. After page opens, type the heading; next click into the body; hit camera option from bottom menu and choose the correct file.

    7. Hit Send.

    8. Hit Done. It has been inserted.

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  • I am not connected to the internet. What can I do?

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    There are a few troubleshooting techniques to consider:


    1. Go to internet panel in bottom right corner of screen, and turn on/off airplane mode. This can trigger a reconnection.

    2. Go to the internet panel in the bottom right corner of the screen. Next click on the internet icon. Look for desired "internet" connection. For school, look for SCS_WLAN. Click on it, enter your credentials/log in information. 

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  • What if I am unable use the chatbox within TEAMS, how can I communicate with the presenter/teacher?

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    In the event that the chatbox is not working, please go to the TEAMS Post area. Find the class thread for that day and post there. You should also be able to see where students/members have been writing in the Chatbox. 

    The two areas are connected. Whatever is typed in Chatbox also appears on the Post Wall.


    *If you use the @mention with a name, that person will see your message as an alert.

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  • What do I do if my TEAMS, Apps, and Folders are not syncing correctly?

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    1. A good practice would be to first try to log out of TEAMS and log back into TEAMS. This gives the program a chance to reconnect and sync properly.

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  • How do I update Teams?

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    Inside of the Microsoft Teams app, students/teachers will go to the profile picture or initials in the top right hand corner of the screen.


    1. Click on profile.

    2. Scroll down to "Check for Update".

    3. No other steps required. Continue working.


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  • How can I ensure that my laptop stays in top condition?

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    1. Shut down and restart your laptop daily. (Do not simply close the laptop only.) This process helps updates to be installed daily.

    2. Do not keep laptop plugged into the wall. You only need to connect the charger when you need to charge the laptop to full.                                         This process takes about an hour. Then unplug.

    3. Always carry my laptop in a case or backpack.

    4. Remove charger from laptop when not in use.


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