• Blue Jays Academy focus on building our student's academic, social and emotional capacity. We will provide students with challenging, effective instruction that helps them master state testing.

    We belive all children can learn. We encourage and require them to work to their fullest potential and we will always expect their best. It takes a partnership between home and school to see that these character traits are learned, modeled and practiced by everyone.

    Everyday all Blue Jays at Gardenview Elementary will excel to the highest heights. Gardenview Elementary School will always strive towards excellence in academic and social development. Help us achieve our goals for your children, together we can continue to make a difference and CHANGE THE WORLD!


Contact us

  • We are here to assist you! Please call 416-3068, from 8:00am - 3:15pm- Monday thru Friday's, if you have any questions about our school or programs.

School Choice Facts

  • Students who live within our school attendance zone do not have to submit an application. You can simply register when the early registration period opens.

    Students who live outside the attendance zone can submit a General Choice Transfer Application. Applications are based on available space in the school and are processed in the order they are received.