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    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  I hope your summer has been filled with rest, fun-filled vacations, and quality time with family and friends!  I am honored to serve as the Principal of Invictus Academy at Airways.  Throughout my thirteen-year tenure in education, I have served in the roles of Teacher, Learning Coach, Teacher Effectiveness Ambassador, PLC Coach, and Assistant Principal.  I have also served in the role of education advocate for students and teachers through Teach Plus, TNTP, Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education (TN SCORE) and New Leaders to help create an equitable educational system for the success of all children. I am humbled to remain at the helm of a great school where I have served as Assistant Principal for the past four years and Principal the past school year.  Transitioning from Northwest Prep Academy to Invictus Academy at Airways is an exciting time, a time for renewed focus and commitment.  I look forward to continuing to refine and build on the work that we have started.  I am excited to work alongside you as thought partners in the work as we strive to achieve excellence for our scholars, school, and community.  I look forward to a school year filled with academic excellence - level 5 growth & achievement as well as meeting or exceeding our AMO goals for chronic absenteeism, ready graduate, and graduation rate.  This school year, we will continue to refine our implementation of the district-wide initiatives. For the past two years, we have been internalizing the work around the four instructional practices.  As we continue this work, we will further develop our ability to build teacher and student self-efficacy as well as instructional capacity of all educators through our work with our Instructional Leadership Team (ILT).  We will also focus heavily on engaging in instructional-focused interactions with teachers, creating a productive culture and climate to support our students and teachers' social and emotional needs, facilitate collaboration and professional learning communities, and improve our digital engagement implementation to support blended learning.  Finally, as we continue our journey towards reaching our goals for the 2023-2024 school year, everyone will have the courage to D.A.R.E. to be Great and embody the spirit of our core values: Determination, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence in everything that we do!

    I look forward to supporting our continued success.  Here is what you can expect from me:

    • Nurture a shared vision where all stakeholders feel invested and committed to excellence.
    • Lead with an equity lens to promote a productive school culture & climate for everyone.
    • Foster a culture of high expectations, collaboration, accountability, and achievement.
    • Develop and launch a high performing team and lead the ILT to build student and teacher efficacy.
    • Keep instructional leadership and student growth/achievement at the core of the work.
    • Celebrate our success - small and big wins!

    Together, we must BELIEVE

    Together, we will ACHIEVE

    Together, we are REIMAGING 901