Dress Code



Students will wear clothes to school that are comfortable and appropriate for the school environment.  Shorts may be worn in hot weather, but the principal and teacher reserve the right to disapprove dress that attracts too much attention or is not appropriate.  Shorts and skirts should comply with the fingertip rule.  (When the arms are stretched out down the side of the body, the skirt/shorts should come down to the fingertips.)  Parents will be called to bring a change of clothing when dress is considered inappropriate.  Students are not allowed to wear hats/caps in the building. The administrative rules and regulations state that shoes with rollers/wheels are prohibited.  


Peabody Elementary has adopted the following uniform dress code for all our students:  


Boys                                                                            Girls  

Tan, Navy, Black pants or shorts                              Tan, Navy, Black pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses  

White, light blue, Peabody blue, navy                      White, light blue, Peabody blue, navy blue dress shirt with collar                                                blouse with collar   


Socks/tights (Solid colors- without print or design) white, light blue, Peabody blue, navy, black  


Light jackets, sweat shirts, cardigans, sweaters, or vests may be worn; however, they must be white, light blue, Peabody blue, navy, black, or gray- WITHOUT PRINTS OR LOGOS.  Heavy coats may not be worn during the school day. No denim material may be worn. T-shirts worn underneath a shirt should be whitePeabody club or spirit T-shirts (Purchased from PTA, After School care, or Peabody) can be worn on Friday with uniform bottoms.