Raleigh Egypt High School Dress Code School Year 2023-2024


We are excited about beginning the 2022-24 school year. Please assist us in providing the best educational environment by ensuring that your child is ready to learn daily. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We will continue to follow COVID guidelines to keep your child as safe as possible and recommend that students and staff wear masks; however, masks are optional.

Again, this year, students in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade are not required to wear the traditional school uniform; however, they must abide by the dress code guidelines below. Students not following the dress code are in violation and are subject to receive disciplinary action. If a student comes to school wearing inappropriate clothing, you (parent/guardian) may be called to bring appropriate attire while the child waits in the ISS classroom for the clothing. Please abide by the following:

The following items are deemed UNSAFE and INAPPROPRIATE for ALL STUDENTS, and they are NOT PERMITTED in school. These items may be confiscated.

o Large, long, or heavy chains, studded or chained accessories, drugs, weapons, or gang-affiliated jewelry

o Sunglasses (unless medically directed)
o Sleepwear, pajamas, house shoes, blankets, bonnets, wave caps o Extremely high or stiletto heels, slides, flip-flops
o Mouth grills

Appropriate Dress Dress Code Violation

Shirts or blouses with sleeves that cover the entire torso Bottoms.

  • Jeans, pants, capri pants, joggers, bermuda shorts, or knee-length or longer skirts

  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn and not seen.

  • Pants must fit at the waist. Belts should be worn if the bottoms have belt loops.


  • Comfortable tennis, casual or dress shoes with toes and heels enclosed.

  • Shoes should be properly fastened and worn at all times. Heels should be no higher than 3 inches.

  • Hats are for outside and are to be removed when entering the building.

  • Face masks are recommended but not required.  

Halter tops, tank tops with string ties, exposed stomachs, net shirts, plunging necklines, and see-throuh tops are NOT acceptable.

  • Jeans with holes showing skin are not acceptable. Leggings, stretch pants, “biker” shorts, “low rider” shorts/pants or tight knit slacks/pants are not appropriate. Pants/shorts should cover their underwear.

  • Bottoms must not be oversized or undersized. Baggy pants, sagging pants, tights/leggings, or pants made of spandex are prohibited.


  • Shoes should not have heels higher than 3 inches. No "Flip-Flops," "Slides" or house-shoes allowed.

  • Head apparel (hoods, hats, scarves, bonnets, shower caps, rollers/rods, etc.) cannot be worn inside the school building except for religious or medical reasons (in which case, a doctor's note will need to be provided).

  • Gang affiliated attire will not be permitted while on school property or at school- sponsored/sanctioned activities. This includes any type of clothing, apparel, jewelry, accessory, or color that denotes the students' membership in or affiliation with any gang.

  • Alcohol or tobacco advertising will not be permitted. Students must not wear shirts with graphics of marijuana, beer bottles, cigarettes, cigars, etc.