Our Amazing Books here at Getwell Elementary Classroom Libraries

Kindergarten Classroom Library
Zoo Born
Ms. Mary Mack
Bread Comes to Life
What about Bear
LLama llama
Oliver's Tree
A Tree for Everyone
Have Fun, Molly Lou Melo
Come on Rain
Aaron and Gaila's country book
The Hittler Red Pen
Magician's Hat
Meet The Bar Barer's
Wacky Wednesday
1st Grade Classroom Library
Feast for 10
The Little Red Pen
The Dot
llama llama grandma and grandpa
Kittens First Full Moon
Class Party
What is a Yurt?
Helping me, Helping you
Kate Saves the Date
Meerkat Family
The Foot Book
Con Mi Herrmaro/ With my Brother
Roosters can't Cock-a-doodle-Doo
Toure de Pada's Mother Goose
Otis and the Kittens
Green Eggs and Ham
What the Sun Sees
2nd Grade Classroom Library
Barack Obama
Freedom Fighters
African Americans
Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King Jr.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
George Washington Jr.
Today I See Silly
Corduray goes to school
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Graveyards of Dinosaur
Two at Everything
The Story about Ruby Bridges
The Greedy Triangle
Is a blue Whale the biggest thing there is?
Punctuation Celebration
The Princess is the Pizza
3rd Grade Classroom Library
Esperanza Rising
City Spies
Giraffe in a Zoo
A Tree for Emmy
Dog at the Door
Whale in Waves
Everything you Need to Know about Frogs.
How to Catch a Monster
The Candy Corn Contest
Trophy Kid
4th Grade Classroom Library
Guinea Pig Gang
A River of Words
Come on Rain
The Whales Goes to Birmingham
The Hope Chest
I Spy
What is Happening to the Beach
Lizzy Logan Secon Banana
The Sister's Grimm
Summer at the Sea Monster
Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
Money Hungry
Lily and Miss Liberty
5th Grade Classroom Library
Esperanza Rising
The Stories Julian Tells
Come Back Buddy
One Crazy Summer
Because of Winn-Dixie
Tale of Despereaux
My Brother Abe
Things not See
The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
Dancing the Flamenco
Too Many Frogs
Hard Times
Mr. Gilson Records