Lowrance Standardized Dress Code Policy

Dress Code


Any SOLID color Polo style shirts with collar and 3 buttons or less;

Any SOLID color Oxford style shirts or blouses with collar and buttons



Insignias: Must not be any larger than a quarter

Layers:     When needed, school attire can be layered with white or black turtlenecks, camisoles, long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirts.



Bottoms can be black, navy, khaki (tan) pants, shorts, skirts, capri pants, or shorts. The length of all bottoms must meet current Shelby County Dress Code Guidelines. *ALL BOTTOMS CAN HAVE INTERIOR POCKETS ONLY, NO CARGO PANTS OR SHORTS.*                                   



Belts must be worn with all bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) that contain belt loops.  All belts must be a brown or black, solid color without any embellishments. Please adhere to the Shelby County Dress Code Guidelines. 



All socks, tights, and knee-highs need to be white, black, gray, blue, or khaki solid colors.  LEGGINGS CANNOT BE WORN AT ANY TIME AND THEY CANNOT BE SUBSTITUTED FOR TIGHTS.



Follow the current Shelby County School Dress code guidelines.  Tennis shoes preferred.


Outer Wear

Solid Colors:  All jackets with zippers or sweaters, worn during the school day, must be solid in color.  Outer wear must also be free of any writing or graphics with the exception of school name and/or logo. 

Please adhere to Shelby County Schools Dress Code Guidelines. *(PULL OVER HOODIES ARE NOT ALLOWED)*


*Guidelines pertaining to clothing will apply (i.e. NO oversized clothing, shirts must be tucked in, etc.).  Jackets and sweaters must follow the Shelby County School Dress Code Guidelines.