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East's DaCharius Brooks part of the "Strong Student Voice" constituency with SCSDOSA and Superintendent Ray

 Posted on Friday, December 6, 2019

Last Tuesday, the members of our SCS student congress spent the day at the Board of Education at 160 S. Hollywood to meet face to face with Supt. Dr. Joris M. Ray, Board Members, and District Officials. Students discussed issues such as violence prevention, most needed resources, school culture, and more. After their meetings, the students were recognized at the Board Meeting that night for their civic involvement and commitment to bettering their communities.

Composed of two students from each SCS high school, the Student Congress provides a vital link between students and administrators to ensure a strong student voice, while developing valuable interpersonal skills, such as team communication, critical listening, and negotiation. Through the Department of Student Affairs (DOSA), programs like the Student Congress provides opportunities for students to express concerns about school-related ideas, goals and desires in productive, constructive ways, and engage with both their peers and adults in an equitable, non-threatening environment. 

Our SCS Student Congress continues to explore positive, community-based solutions next month when they convene for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday to discuss peaceful activism and conflict resolution.