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3 Key Checks

Greetings, (insert school here) families:


This is Principal ___ calling with a very important message.


To ensure that Memphis-Shelby County Schools continues trending up, we need all families to join us in this work by conducting 3 Key Checks every night and every morning as you prepare your children for school.


1) One: Check your child's homework to make sure that it's neat and complete.


2) Two: Check their devices to ensure that they are powered up and used for District-approved purposes only.


3) Three: Check their backpacks to ensure that they contain only school-related items, like textbooks and tablets.


Our security team, teachers, and staff are all part of your child’s village, and they’re doing their part to keep our schools safe and our classrooms thriving.


But that work has to start even before students walk through the school doors.


So remember, before they walk out of your doors and into ours, make sure you do the 3 Key Checks: Check their homework, devices, and backpacks, so that you can stay keyed into your child’s world.