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Principal Moss on the Ellen Show

On April 17, 2020, Bruce Elementary School released a COVID-19 themed song called “Wipe it Down.” The video featured raps by Principal Moss and two teachers, Ms. Holman, The Quarantine Queen, and Ms. Moemeke, Lady M. The video also featured other Bruce Staff spending time at home, staying safe, and wiping it down. Bruce released the video to spread the message of washing your hands and staying indoors to both students and parents. The music video went viral and captured over 12,000 views. The video eventually captured the eye of Producers at the Ellen Show. Producers then reached out to Principal Moss and began to learn more about Bruce and the creative ways utilized to stay connected with students and families over the pandemic. The Ellen Show was quite impressed with the Stay at Home Community Parade, the nightly Bedtime Stories series, and the Drive-through ceremonies for Kindergarten and Fifth Grade that the school organized. As time progressed, The Ellen Show producers wanted to learn more about Principal Moss and The Bruce Community. The Ellen Show was able to learn about the significant needs of the scholars who attend Bruce which include food, supplies, shelter, technology, and clothing.

Following the murder of George Floyd and the protests across the United States, Principal Moss released an open letter to the Bruce Community on June 1. In the letter, he shared his thoughts and feelings about the unrest occurring across the world. Principal Moss wanted to validate the emotions of his community, and ensure that they felt seen and heard. The open letter then caught the eye of the Ellen Show. The next week, producers were eager to speak with Principal Moss. Principal Moss was then given the surprise of his life when he was given the opportunity to virtually meet and chat with Ellen DeGeneres herself. Principal Moss talked with Ellen about the letter he wrote to his community following the Black Lives Matter protests, and how it’s been a challenge for students and staff during quarantine since many kids don’t have access to technology at home. To help, Ellen and her friends at Box Tops for Education surprised Principal Moss and Bruce Elementary School with a gift to remember! When asked about his experience Principal Moss stated, “this has been a dream come true. I love the philanthropic efforts and authenticity that Ellen exemplifies daily. To be able to chat with her was life-changing.” He also added, “following my TEDx Talk in February 2020, I joked with the audience that the Ellen show would be calling me soon, and to think this became a reality is mind blowing. I am just grateful that Ellen saw my love and passion for my kids, and wanted to assist to continue making Bruce the best school ever. I am fortunate that I could represent not only my family, but the Bruce family and the SCS family. We were able to show the greatness that SCS offers.”