• The NAF Academy is a national program that offers students a rigourous industry-validated career-themed curriculum. Students work in cohorts within three content areas including Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Engineering Technology. The curriculum incorporates industry standards and practicesm, literacy strategies, and STEM integration. 

    Our Mission

    The faculty at Kingsbury High School is dedicated to student development. We work to release the intellectual capacity of all students while affirming their right to learn, focusing on a benchmark of a minimum of 90% Proficient on all state and federal summative assessments, with a minimum of 60% of students placing Advanced. We are committed to preparing our students to make a 30 or above on the ACT. 

    Our Vision

    By empowering our students to learn, Kingsbury High School hopes to instill in all students the ability to achieve their dreams, to work responsibly and ethically, to respect individual and cultural differences, and to adapt through continued learning, to the many occupational and technological challenges of the 21st century

    The benefits of being a NAF student include:

    • Access to scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate school
    • Curriculum developed with the assistance of industry leaders
    • Potential paid internship opportunities
    • Opportunities to network with businesspeople
    • Mentorship opportunities with successful NAF alumni
    • Exclusive NAF networking and alumni events
    • Preferential hiring at companies that recognize NAFTrack Certification


    To apply for the one of the three NAF Academy programs at Kingsbury High School, please fill this form


    If you have questions about the program, please reach out to:


    Professional School Counselor

    Helen Holliman

    (901) 416-6010