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BSBS in Accounting minor in Aviation MAT in Teaching k-8 with algebra

Mr. Greg Dillender

Science Plans for week of May 1

Monday: Textbook and Flashcards

  • Review flashcards for pages 101- 102
  • Review the moon and how it was created
  • Video: outer solar system

Tuesday: Textbook and Flashcards

  • Review flashcards
  • Read pages 103-106
  • Begin study guide questions

Wednesday: Textbook, flashcards, and color pencils

  • Review flashcards
  • Read pages 106- 108
  • Complete study guide
  • Solar System Project

Thursday: Textbook and Flashcards

  • Video: Comets
  • Timeline of Space Exploration


 Social Studies plans for May 1

Monday: Textbook and Flashcards

  • finish flashcards for Ch 15
  • Review advantage and disadvantage the North and South
  • Read pages 170-173
  • Begin study guide

Tuesday: Textbook and Flashcards

  • Review flashcards
  • Review the Anaconda Plan
  • Read pages 174-177
  • Continue study guide
  • Kahoot!

Wednesday: Textbook and flashcards

  • Review flashcards
  • Review key figures of the North and the South
  • Read 178-181
  • Finish the study guide
  • Discuss the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Kahoot!

Thursday: color pencils

  • Create a timeline of the events

Friday: Textbook and flashcards

  • Final Review of Chapter 16
  • Weekly Quiz Ch 16

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