• Academy of Health Sciences


    At Kingsbury High School Academy of Health Science, we engage students by using health science as a lens through which everyday problems are analyzed, approached and solved. Students learn how to think as health care professionals and rediscover the wonder and joy of learning.

    In August, a new cohort of 30 students will be inaugurated in the Academy of Health Science. NAF students will become a part of a national network with access to a multiplicity of exclusive opportunities, including scholarships and preferential hiring at prestigious multinational companies.


    The Kingsbury High School Academy of Health Science provides students with exposure to various health science occupations and focuses on the Nursing Services program of study. The Nursing Services program of study prepares students to pursue careers in nursing field. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to utilize appropriate interpersonal skills in communicating with constituents, maintain residents’ rights and independence, provide safe care, prevent emergency situations, prevent infection through infection control, and perform required nursing assistant skills.

    Successful completion courses and certification exam provides students the opportunity to seek immediate employment as a Certified Pharmacy Tech, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant or Patient Care Technician.

    This program of study also provides a foundation for students who plan to seek a degree in medicine and/or enter medical school. The program of study’s emphasis on anatomy and physiology along with patient care content and skills is congruent with emphasis on science and math needed for success in medical school. 

    Industry Certifications

    • Certified Clinical Medical Assistance
    • Certified Pharmacy Technician
    • Patient Care Technician

    Early Postsecondary

       Dual Credit/Enrollment possibility with local postsecondary institutions in

    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Medical Terminology

    At Kingsbury High School Academy of Health Science, we prepare our students to compete for jobs in the health science field. Our curriculum is vetted by industry professionals and designed to keep pace with industry standards. We offer Pharmacolgocial Services and Medical Therapeutic courses. 

    Pharmacological Services Courses

    • Health Science Education
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Medical Therapeutic
    • Pharmacological Science
    • Clinical Internship

    Medical Therapeutic Courses

    • Medical Therapeutics
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Health Science Education
    • Therapeutic Services
    • Clinical Internship
    • Nursing Service (may be added) 

    We partner with many local healthcare providers including:

    • Baptist Memorial Health Care
    • Healthcare Connect
    • Memphis Medical District
    • Collaborative Memphis Nephrology Associates
    • Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
    • Professional Pharmacy Services, LLC
    • Regional One Health
    • Saint Francis Hospital - Bartlett
    • Shelby County Health Department
    • UT Methodist Physicians


    View program brochure here.